At PureLivingFit, we promote a localizational foreruning lifestyle in China. As consulting partnership for decision makers counterparting with other participants in real estate market, we focus on addressing of relevant ones’ deeper and higher needs, not only consulting services which is much more economic effective, lower time and mental involement and easier experience. 

在PureLivingFit,  我们在中国倡导一种本地化的前沿生活方式。作为决策者与地产市场其他参与角色间的咨询伙伴,我们专注人们对地产方面更高及更深需要的部分, 不仅仅是更高经济效能, 更低心力时间成本,更简单体验的咨询服务。

Not restricted in real estate industry background,  our crew is uniquely much ahead in the market with cross-industrial, cross-displine and cross-culturally integrated in depth but innerly mutually well innerrelated. Our perspective and values full of the spirit of humanism and professionalism, enables us to promptly conduct independent market research for decision makers and your clients’ deeper demands. We assist all relevant participants in real estate market with strategy and process optimization as your guiding company, whether for individual, organizational or governmental decision makers, from block trades management,  to building partnership on target group analysis and design optimization, to service apartment positioning and branding, to site selection and space design and corportate VIP housings consulting including cross-cultural psychological adaptation. 

不局限于地产行业背景,我们团队有着独一无二的跨行业, 跨学科及跨文化深入融合但彼此内在关联的市场遥遥领先优势。因此我们充满人文主义与专业精神的视角及理念,使我们有能力针对决策者或决策者客群的深度需求,快速进行独立市场研究。基于此,我们协助优化决策者战略及流程,无论私人,组织或公司需要,尔或外国政府客户的要求。从大宗地产交易,到地产开发客群分析及设计优化,  服务公寓定位及品牌化, 空间选址及设计,以及含跨文化心理支持的企业VIP安居咨询。

At PureLivingFit, we see demands in a dynamic and systematic context, we empathize all participants’ perspectives, we care your more expectations in a longer time dimension, and we treasure our time and thus treasure your investment of your time and trust on us more. We stay with you not after bills paid, but until your virtuous circle stabilizes.

在PureLivingFit, 我们在一个动态系统的大语境中看待需求,我们共鸣所有参与方的更深角度,我们在乎客户更长时间维度上的更多期待,我们重视我们的时间因此更重视客户花在我们身上的时间以及信任。我们陪伴客户不只伴随着收费结束,而是到客户的良性循环开始稳定。

We Love Architecture, We Love Human More, and Human’s Life.


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Your PureLivingFit Beijing Team 


PureLivingFit® is an independent brand, in the flag of VinDream Management Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


VinDream®  China is a research based consulting firm, dedicated to human’s enhanced learning, growing and inner-innovating research, focusing on innovational support in educational, cultural and human resources development fields.  

闻睿中国是一家研究为基础的咨询公司,致力于人的提高的学习,成长及原始创新能力的基础研究,专注于教育, 文化及人力资源开发领域的创新支持。